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Liber Trigrammaton

sub figurâ XXVII

Being the Book of the Trigrams of the Mutations of the Tao with the Yin and the Yang

A∴A∴ Publication in Class A


Tao Tao Tao

Here is Nothing under its three forms. It is not, yet informeth all things.


Tao Tao Yang

Now cometh the glory of the Single One, as an imperfection and stain.


Tao Tao Yin

But by the Weak One the Mother was it equilibrated.


Tao Yang Tao

Also the purity was divided by Strength, the force of the Demiurge.


Tao Yin Tao

And the Cross was formulated in the Universe that as yet was not.


Yang Tao Tao

But now the Imperfection became manifest, presiding over the fading of perfection.


Yin Tao Tao

Also the Woman arose, and veiled the Upper Heaven with her body of stars.


Tao Yang Yang

Now then a giant arose, of terrible strength; and asserted the Spirit in a secret rite.


Tao Yang Yin

And the Master of the Temple balancing all things arose; his stature was above the Heaven and below Earth and Hell.


Tao Yin Yang

Against him the Brothers of the Left-hand Path, confusing the symbols. They concealed their horror [in this symbol]; for in truth they were Yin Yang Tao


Tao Yin Yin

The master flamed forth as a star and set a guard of Water in every Abyss.


Yang Tao Yang

Also certain secret ones concealed the Light of Purity in themselves, protecting it from the Persecutions.


Yang Tao Yin

Likewise also did certain sons and daughters of Hermes and of Aphrodite, more openly


Yin Tao Yang

But the Enemy confused them. They pretended to conceal that Light, that they might betray it, and profane it.


Yin Tao Yin

Yet certain holy nuns concealed the secret in songs upon the lyre.


Yang Yang Tao

Now did the Horror of Time pervert all things, hiding the Purity with a loathsome thing, a thing unnameable.


Yang Yin Tao

Yea, and there arose sensualists upon the firmament, as a foul stain of storm upon the sky.


Yin Yang Tao

And the Black Brothers raised their heads; yea, they unveiled themselves without shame or fear.


Yin Yin Tao

Also there rose up a soul of filth and of weakness, and it corrupted all the rule of the Tao.


Yang Yang Yang

Then only was Heaven established to bear sway; for only in the lowest corruption is form manifest.


Yang Yang Yin

Also did Heaven manifest in violent light,


Yang Yin Yang

And in soft light.


Yin Yang Yang

Then were the waters gathered together from the heaven,


Yang Yin Yin

And a crust of earth concealed the core of flame.


Yin Yang Yin

Around the globe gathered the wide air,


Yin Yin Yang

And men began to light fires upon the earth.


Yin Yin Yin

Therefore was the end of it sorrow; yet in that sorrow a sixfold star of glory whereby they might see to return unto the stainless Abode; yea, unto the Stainless Abode.

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